Co-op Blues

Last week was my first official week back at school! That’s right, I am one of the few people who have a fall/winter co-op cycle. For those of you who thought that the spring/summer cycle was the best, you met your match: snow. This winter we had a record amount of snowfall in the Philadelphia area, resulting in a few snow days and even a couple delayed arrivals. My co-op was at the Drexel Writing Center so although I wasn’t in classes, I reaped the benefits of snow days without having to worry about the extra homework.

The switch from co-op to school is sudden and it basically happens without fanfare. On Friday, I was at a job and within two days, I was back to sitting in a classroom. Maybe I had hyped up being back in school so much that when I was actually in the classroom, I daydreamed about what was going on at my work. A few days ago, I had a job with a fancy title and now I’m back to being a student.

In order to cope with the loss of my co-op, I have been visiting the Writing Center. I was lucky enough to have a job where I felt like an essential part of the team. Also, my bosses were pretty awesome. So although I no longer have a co-op title, I’m happy to say that I am still a part of the Writing Center team by being a Peer Reader. A co-op is not required to be a peer reader after the six month period but I love the environment there so much that I chose to stay.

So for all of my fellow fall/winter co-op students who are experiencing the post co-op blues, I encourage you to keep in contact with your boss and the friends you made at work. You were there for six months, no one forgets that quickly! And remember, whether or not you have post co-op depression, in a few weeks we start looking for a job all over again!

For now, just try to enjoy the feeling of being back at Drexel!


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