Perturbed by Pulitzer

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my challenging journey to finish The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Over the weekend, I set out to finish the remaining 300 pages. I can’t remember the last time that I was this determined to finish a book and I was successful!

As a whole, the novel was interesting. It wasn’t great or life changing. There were definitely moments when I was highlighting and marveling at how Tart was able to write something so powerful. However, there were more moments of distaste and thoughts of “how many paragraphs can I skim without missing major plot details?” (Answer: usually three-five paragraphs.)  It’s not that the plot line wasn’t intriguing but rather, it was just very drawn out and the conclusion was glossed over in a “what is life” soliloquy.

Once I finally finished, I shared my thoughts on the book with a friend. After our discussion, I saw the announcement of this year’s Pulitzer prize winners. The Goldfinch won for Fiction. I was shocked. Apparently, the rest of the literary world had enjoyed the novel more than me and that’s okay. As my friend said, it’s better to have read the Pulitzer Prize winner before it was named the winner and maintain a true opinion. At least I actually read the novel while others can only speculate about how they would receive it. Their opinion is now swayed but I picked up the book before it was a winner.

So my message here is read whatever book you want, form your own opinion, and stick with it! Even if it wins a Pulitzer, your opinion matters somewhere (like on a blog).


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