Drexel Alert

As a Drexel student, we receive texts and emails from the Drexel Alert system. It sends a message that describes the situation, for example “Robbery by strongarm on 36th Street. Be alert”, with a follow up message such as, “Police arrived at the scene. Investigation pending.” My question is: should we be notified of EVERY event?

I have lived in the city my entire life so I know that I have to be aware of my surroundings. However, before attending Drexel I have never been in this part of the city. I assumed the usual petty crimes went on but because of the Drexel Alert, I get to know certain things that won’t make the news.

On the other hand, there are a few things that the Drexel Alert leaves out. What about the fire that happened in MacAlister Hall a few weeks ago? Or the incident in Hagerty Library where a student brought in a firearm? I never heard about this until I read an article in The Triangle.

I appreciate the Drexel Alert but if this system is to continue, I would suggest that it includes updates on events that happen in our buildings. I’m suggesting focusing on common buildings like MacAlister, Hagerty, Main, etc. These buildings always have a constant flow of student traffic. I would want to know if something happened in these buildings. If the Drexel Alert is aiming to make me feel safe, it is failing by not informing me of certain events that happen on Drexel’s campus.

Maybe it’s just me who feels this way. It’s probably because I’m a worry wort or a gossiper or I’m keeping track of how many times the cookie truck can be robbed (current quota: 2). Although the Drexel Alert system has to be updated, thank you to the Drexel police for keeping us safe, even when we don’t know it.


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