Quarter Problems

It’s about that time of year when all of your college friends who go to “normal” semester schools are finishing classes and preparing for summer. Let us consider the two ways we can approach this time.

1. Screw semester colleges, how dare you finish so early and leave us quarter system students behind! I LOVE all of the statuses about how it feels to be at home or at the beach or how it’s just nice not to do homework. Here at Drexel, we just entered Week 5 or as it’s also known as the beginning of midterm week, which doesn’t really end until Week 8. So while we continue to wade through work, please continue posting how much fun it is to be on vacation.

2. Screw semester colleges, who needs them? At Drexel, we’re known for the quarter system. We even fought to keep it. Most people don’t understand how it works, even our parents can get confused. In reality, completing a course in 10 weeks is hard and not everyone can do it. So congratulations Drexel students, you’re officially an amazing student with awesome time management skills. Your semester friends might be done school but in five weeks (and counting), our spring term will be over! You’ll either have a new co-op in sight, enjoying summer vacation or showing off that degree! We are Drexel Dragons and being a Dragon means that you stand out.

So let your semester friends enjoy their early vacation. I’ll take those extra weeks in September when my semester friends are back in class and I can enjoy those last quiet, peaceful days of summer over the May “college rush” any day.


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