A Night at the Ballet

Julie Diana and Zachary Hench in After the Rain

Recently, my friend had plans to see the Pennsylvania Ballet and she let me tag along. The dance company celebrated its 50th Anniversary Season with Director’s Choice. The program was divided into three parts: a two part scene from After the Rain, the four scene world premiere of The Accidental, and the company premiere of Grieg: Piano Concerto.

For each night of the performance, the line-up of the program differed meaning that a person would literally never see the same show twice. This series also marked the final performances of Julie Diana, a principal dancer who joined the company in 2004. She has recently found another passion in writing. Even though Diana may not be on stage, don’t expect her name to disappear.

The performance was breathtaking and magical. Each of the pieces showcased the diverse talent of the dancers within the company, especially in The Accidental. The dancers pirouetted across the stage to modern, indie music. Seeing classical dance moves set to modern music was jarring at first until I focused on the beauty of the dancers. After that, everything else disappeared. For two hours, I watched in fascination at the strength, poise, and dedication of the dancers.

Although the Pennsylvania Ballet’s season has ended, I encourage you to explore other shows taking place in the city such as the Walnut Street Theatrethe Academy of MusicWilma Theater, and the Philadelphia Theatre Company.


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