Books or Movies?

It’s the constant fight between book lovers and movie lovers. If a movie is adapted from a book, what’s better: the book or the movie?

As an avid reader, I have to cast my vote in favor of the book. Writing allows for description and narration; a book needs these things to survive. Movies are more about the showing. This is okay but to me, nothing can beat an paragraph written in exposition.

Then there is the fact that a lot gets lost in translation from page to screen. Take for example the recently released trailer of This Is Where I Leave You. As someone who has read the book, I noticed the differences already. I am used to being disappointed by movie adaptations so I usually don’t let this stop me from watching the movie at least once. Rewatching is something that depends on how much I can tolerate the changes.

Currently, the anticipation for Gone Girl is my biggest struggle with movie adaptations. I love the book but like most readers, the ending left me in suspense as well as frustrated. Gillian Flynn, the author, also wrote the film’s screenplay and she admitted to changing the ending. She tried to take back her statement but the damage had been done. What is the new ending? The trailer for the film doesn’t give any hints. Now, I HAVE to go to the movie theater to watch but will I be pleased or disappointed?

Overall, I’m disappointed that when a book gets the Hollywood treatment, the story changes. Whether it’s by deleting or altering the finest detail, the story is different. If I fell in love with the original story, why would I want to watch a different one unfold before my eyes? Most of the time it’s just because I like to brag about how much better the book is after the movie’s over.


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