Searching for a Muse

There are times when I’m going about life and suddenly, WHAM! Inspiration hits me and I have to grab my notebook before the idea goes away. Then of course, there are the times when I’m at my computer and I decide to spend my time on Facebook, Buzzfeed or even watch my nails grow instead of writing. What I really need in my life is a muse who will constantly inspire me to write. Here are the qualities I look for in a muse:

1. Be funny but strict. I need someone who is up for a random stop at Zavino after a day of classes. However, as soon as we’re done, I need you to sit me down in front of the computer and force me to write. I mean, it is Week 7 so maybe we shouldn’t frequent Zavino so much.

2. Keep me focused. When I’m at the computer, stop me from logging onto social media. Seriously, no one has tweeted since I last checked two seconds ago.

3. Be inspiring. My writing needs to vary so encourage me to do things outside my comfort zone. Then, I’ll have something new to write about it.

Until the position is fulled, I’ll continue being my own muse and encouraging myself to write. I mean, it’s worked out for this long!


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