Summer Term Sadness

As we enter into Week 8 of spring term, I’m right on time to have my usual panic attack of finishing the term on a high note and preparing for the next term. Since I have a fall/winter co-op cycle, I will be attending classes for the first time during summer term. (I will then attend classes for the next four years during summer but let’s not get too depressing.) For those of you who don’t have to take classes next term, good for you! I’ll share a few fun things that hint my summer will be peachy.

Did you know they offer less classes during the summer? Imagine the number of courses offered in the fall. Then divide it. Then hope and pray that your time ticket is on a good day. My time ticket was the second week of registration but I still was wait listed for three classes that I need for my major.

The only bright spot is that I have classes on Monday through Thursday. During the spring term, I don’t mind having a full schedule. However, with my summer schedule I’ll still be able to take trips to the shore and enjoy my long weekend. This will be the first time in a while that I’ve spent most of my summer in the city. While I’m not excited for the heat, part of me is excited that it’s my first summer term at Drexel. It’s what the college experience is all about, right?


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